Pregnancy & Labour Support - Complete Package

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Birth support helps you - the birthing person - as well as your partner and family, through one of the most sacred, empowering, and vulnerable times in your lives. I walk with you through your journey of pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period, with emotional, informational, and physical support. The value of a birth support for each individual is both immeasurable, and, at the same time, researched and proven beneficial. 


I support you, to:


Feel empowered working toward your birth goals

Create your own empowering birth

Make decisions that are best for you and your family

Speak openly about your needs, feelings, and concerns throughout the process

Communicate confidently with you and work with your professional care team

Move through the labor and birthing process with guidance and professional support


Support includes:



An initial telephone, video, or in-person consultation

One to two prenatal visits to discuss your birth plan, goals, preferred comfort measures, as well as your partner’s and family's roles during labor

Assistance preparing your birth plan/wishes

Personal connection with your doula

Availability of experienced backup doula, if requested

Optional attendance at a prenatal visit with your OB or midwife

24-hour on-call time 4 days before and 4 days after your due date

Phone, email, and in-person contact during pregnancy, on-call time, and labor

Unlimited, continuous support during labor and birth

Creative strategies based my experience and your personal goals

One follow up postpartum visit

Printed copy of your birth notes


If you have financial concerns, ask about a payment plan.


A contract between the doula and client identifies specific services.