Postpartum Support - 3 Hours

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The tasks provided by your doula depend on the priorities discussed by all parties before beginning services, and on your particular needs that day/night. Here are some examples of services your doula can offer:


Guidance: self-care, reacovery, infant care;

Information: recipes, community resources and supports; and,

Practical Support: prepare snacks, get frequent drinks, do dishes and laundry, meal preparation, sibling care, organize small frequently used areas, and errands.


The postpartum doula does not diagnose any medical conditions for parent or baby, but can help refer you to an appropriate health care provider. She does not do major housecleaning tasks, such as mopping, washing windows, cleaning the toilet/shower, taking out the garbage, or yard work. Your postpartum doula will not transport clients or take over all care of the baby.